Nothing compares with wood; it's the oldest, most flexible material known to mankind. It is also nature's only natural renewable resource. The remarkable versatility of wood makes it ever present in our everyday lives. The last fifty years have seen the arrival of new materials for domestic and commercial use. Wood, with all its honesty and simplicity, is once again in fashion. But for those who love its very character, it never went away. Please use the materials listed below as a guide to their strengths and uses. If you need anymore information then please contact Hayman Joinery

We use Oak (american Oak, European Oak), Cherry, Ash, Walnut, Beech, Maple, Iroko and many more.

Hard Maple
Iroko, Iroko wood
Green Oak, fresh oak, constructional oak
Iroko, Iroko wood_1
European larch
European Beech, Steamed Beech
Douglas Fir, Columbian Pine
American White Oak, white oak
Ayan, Ayan Wood
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European Beech, Beech wood
Douglas Fir, Columbian Pine
English oak, European oak
Dark Red Meranti, Meranti
Character Oak
Ayan, Ayan Wood
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