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About Us

Since the early 1980’s we have been working wonders with wood. That’s because we have always been fortunate to employ some of the most talented and dedicated craftsmen working in joinery, craftsmen who are committed to producing the finest of bespoke products.

At Hayman Joinery our team of craftsmen pay meticulous attention to detail ensuring the highest quality every time.

No matter how big or small the project, we focus on producing custom items that quite simply don’t exist off the shelf.

We respond to all inquiries promptly and offer sound advice on all aspects of joinery and timber.

Founded for the purpose of providing a bespoke joinery service for Hayman Construction - we have a unique insight into how the construction industry works. This enabled us to offer this expertise to others in the industry along with private homeowners and architects. We are fortunate enough to work with many building contractors and construction companies as we are aware of the challenges they face and work closely with them to ensure a prompt, efficient and competitive service.

Our experience in the industry also helps us advise domestic clients on their obligations regarding planning, building regulations, structural issues and timber selection. But if all you need is a small off cut of timber or a minor window repair, we are happy to do that too. We know just how important it is to be flexible, adapting to the needs of the individual client, communicating with you closely every step of the way to deliver exactly what you want, when you want it.

By choosing Hayman Joinery you will receive a professional service, high quality products at a competitive price from a company you can trust. We manufacture high quality bespoke joinery for Devon, London and all of the UK.

To find out what Hayman Joinery can do for you, contact us on (01752) 893363


Carl Roberts in now the future of Hayman Joinery Ltd. He has been trained to a high standard with the Hayman family from the age of 16, has chased his dreams, and now has become the new owner of Hayman Joinery Ltd. Carl aims to produce the highest quality of bespoke joinery, manufactured from softwoods and hardwoods.

"Hayman Joinery is back in its prime and as busy as ever with thanks to local suppliers/builders/architects and the general public". Carl would like to thank everyone for the continued support which gies him the drive to take Hayman Joinery to the next level.
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Talented craftsman working with the best materials - welcome to our workshops, the heart of the Hayman Joinery operation.

This is where we create some of the finest bespoke products available anywhere; products that have helped Hayman Joinery establish an enviable reputation across all facets of the construction industry.

They are working with high quality timber, including European Oak, Utile, Sapele, Iroko, Beech, American White Oak, American White Ash, Douglas Fir, Tulipwood, Scandinavian Redwood plus some innovative engineered timbers  to name but a few – all chosen from well-managed, sustainable sources (to see Materials click here).

One of the keys to our success as a business is the emphasis we place on communication with all our clients and those within our supply chain.

Our clients are always welcome to visit our workshop as it is an opportunity to watch highly skilled joiners transforming a vast range of timbers into an array of perfect and practical products that are enhancing the lives of all our customers.  

We have a large supplier base and ensure we are constantly checking best value, value we can pass on to our clients but without a compromise on quality. We continually vet all suppliers to ensure they meet out strict criteria on deliveries, product quality and environmental sensitivities. Whatever your requirement, you can trust in Hayman to deliver both high quality products and services – at a very competitive price.

If you want to see our highly skilled craftsmen in action, contact Hayman Joinery on (01752) 893363 or click here.


"Thank you for your assistance in this and also please pass on our appreciation to those members of staff involved with the fitting etc".


    Mr R J C Davey

I went to the practice today to take a look at the door. I was really impressed with the workmanship. Great job. Thanks a lot, and I look forward to working with you again.



        Mr P Reville
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