Please use this knowledge base of Frequently Asked Questions, if the answer you are looking for is not situated here, then please Contact Us. For information about bespoke joinery, wood and more.

Q. Do you use sustainable materials?
A. All our timber is purchased from companies that our committed to providing high quality products from well managed sources to ensure that the supporting sustainable forestry.
Q. What do I need to do before contacting Hayman Joinery?
A. We can basically purpose manufacture anything you may require in timber. If you are in a position to simply replace existing windows, doors or staircases - call us and we can arrange to make a visit to provide you with a quotation. If you are not in our area you could send us some sketches and details on what you require and we can provide you with a quotation based on these.
Q. Does Hayman Joinery have its own workshop?
A. We have a large purpose built joinery shop where all our work is carried out. We employ our own excellent tradesmen who are committed to providing first class joinery products.
Q. I have single glazed timber windows and would like them replaced with double glazed windows is this possible?
A. Yes it is possible to manufacture windows to receive double glazed units. There have been many changes to the Part "L" of the building regulations, which refers to the insulation values. Windows must now be carried out to ensure that heat loss is kept to minimum. This relates to any window or door where the total area of glazing which is more than 50% of the overall products, which vary in thickness and technical make-up. This can have an effect on the size of glazing bars and timber profiles generally as these need to be increased to accommodate larger glass sizes. As glazing technology improves there are more and more options available with regard to glazing and we can offer advice and guidance on which will best suit your situation. There are exemptions to this regulation and where buildings are listed or have historical value it is often worth contacting your local planning or building regulation department to find out whether you need to comply. We can assist with this.
Q. I need a new staircase but I am not sure if it will fit in the area I need it?
A. There is a long list of building regulation requirements with regard to staircases and we are fully conversant with all regulations, we can visit the site and take necessary measurements and ensure that the staircase will fit and comply. It may be necessary on occasions for adjustments to be made on site to ensure the staircase can be correctly fitted. Normally there are various options available with regard to position of stairs.
Q. Should I use softwood or hardwood?
A. The choice of materials is down to a number of factors; your own personal preference with regard to appearance, colour and graining, etc., durability type of decoration and the actual application of the product. For example if you were choosing to have new windows replaced and they were to be decorated we often recommend using softwood treated timber. The windows are firstly manufactured and then treated which provides the timber with a life expectancy of approximately 30 years – subject to exposure and regular decoration. This is similar to a life expectancy of some hardwoods but the cost is less. Please refer to our material section to help in choosing the timber. Certain hardwoods are not durable and therefore not suitable for use in areas where they will exposed to the elements.
Q. Will my chosen timber move and distort?
A. Timber is a natural product and is subject to movement when exposed to different conditions such as different temperatures and moisture levels. Some timbers are more stable than others and we can provide advice on the best product for the situation in which you wish to use it. All our timber is stored inside and the moisture content is within British Standard requirements. We can generally provide advice on any element of your potential joinery project whether it be the style and appearance or the weatherproofing detail and the timber to be used.


Thank you for excellent work and completing it so quickly.

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